Tutorial: Send email based on field value using EXM, Forms, and Marketing Automation

I had some clients asking me how to send an e-mail based on a value selected in a field using the Sitecore Forms. Let us say, you have a field named “Topic” and if the visitor selects the option named “Gifts” he gets an email offering a free voucher for a Gift. If this same visitor selects the option “Books”, he gets a totally different email.

In this tutorial, I share how you can achieve this by using EXM, Forms, and Marketing Automation.

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Automatically bootstrap fields in Sitecore 9 Forms

Sitecore Forms enables you to easily create forms by dragging and dropping fields. It also supports Bootstrap. However, if you want to use Bootstrap framework, you must follow a set of steps to add the proper wrapper and classes around each field. Needless to say, this approach is not user friendly at all.

In this post, I share with you a custom processor that automatically wraps fields and adds the proper classes to each input and label.

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