Visual Studio Live Share lets you also share your local Sitecore installation with your colleague

You’ve probably heard the fuzz about Visual Studio Live Share, but did you know you can also make a site installed locally in your machine available to your colleagues through Live Share as well?

If you haven’t heard of Live Share, it’s a tool that enables real-time collaborative development with your teammates from the comfort of your own tools. You’re able to share your code, and collaboratively edit and debug, without needing to clone repos or set up environments. Learn more at Live Share now included with Visual Studio 2019.

You can use Visual Studio Live Share in the new Visual Studio 2019 or as an extension to Visual Studio Code. There is also an extension available to Visual Studio 2017.

To enable a local Sitecore installation (or any site) to be accessible from your machine using Live Share, just follow the steps below:

In Visual Studio 2019, go to Sharing > Manage Shared Servers.

Next, add a Server Name and a Port that is not being used in your machine.

Note: The Server Name doesn’t really matter, as Live Share limits access to only localhost:port in your machine.

Finally, add a binding to that port to your local Sitecore installation.

Note: leave the Host name empty. This way the binding will point to localhost:8090.

Now, start a session with your colleague and ask him to access localhost:8090 for example.

Here is one of my colleagues accessing my local Sitecore installation from his machine.

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Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash.

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