Go home Core database, you’re drunk.

Recently, after pulling the latest changes from my team, my local Sitecore installation started showing every item duplicated. Not only the LaunchPad was behaving like that, but also the Content Editor.

This issue only appeared in local Sitecore installation. Azure environments (DTAP) where not reproducing this issue. What was happening?

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How to patch Sitecore Database Prefetch Caches

Much was said about Sitecore Database Prefetch Caches, but there is something that I missed in most of the articles I read. How to add custom prefetches without changing the default Sitecore prefetch files (Common.config, Core.config, Master.config and Webdb.config).

In this article, I’ll be sharing a little bit about Sitecore prefetch cache and how to patch a custom prefetch.

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