Publishing Service: Enable “Debug” logging level

The Publishing Service is a module that replaces Sitecore publishing functionality. This module increases the speed for publishing large volumes of items and improves the user experience.

As the Publishing Service runs on a separate process to the Sitecore CM instance, it contains its own logging file located at the (PublishingServiceInstallationFolder)/logs folder. By default, it only logs data on the “Information” logging level.

In this post, you will learn how to set the “Debug” logging level to get more information.

Before we start, be careful with enabling DEBUG. It is great for getting details, but it will overload your server with the heavy I/O streaming on the log files. Use it with caution.

As mentioned before, the Publishing Service only logs data on the “Information” logging level by default. You can find the default logging configuration in the (PublishingServiceInstallationFolder)/config/sitecore/sc.logging.xml file of the publishing service installation location. So how do we enable “Debug” logging level?

sc.logging.xml configuration file edited
Figure 1: Default logging configuration on Publishing Service

Override the default logging level

As instructed in the Publishing Service Installation and Configuration Guide (Installation Guide), the first step is to create a file named sc.logging.json in the (PublishingServiceInstallationFolder)/config/development/ folder and add the following:


Now, you have to start the Publishing Service in development mode to get additional logging information. Assuming that you are hosting Publishing Service in IIS, here is how you enable development mode. In the (PublishingServiceInstallationFolder)/web.config file add the following entry within aspNetCore the node.

enable development mode edited
Figure 2: Enable development mode

Finally, restart the application pool of your Publishing Service host.

Once you make a first request to the Publishing Service, you should see more detailed log. You can also simply make a request to http://(PublishingServiceHostname)/api/publishing/operations/status.

publishing log debug level edited
Figure 3: Publishing Service Debug logging level

That’s it for this post. I would like to recommend Publishing Service v2.0 – Quick Start Guide post by Stephen Pope‘s for those you want to get started on installing and configuring Publishing Service.

2 thoughts on “Publishing Service: Enable “Debug” logging level

  1. In Sitecore SPS, how can we trace who publish the item? The current setup I am not able to identify who publish the particular item.


    1. You can see this information in the Publishing Dashboard page accessible from the Launchpad – /sitecore/client/Applications/Publishing/Dashboard. When you click on a published job, you will see the user’s name.


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